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Mum. That’s what I call her now. It feels like only yesterday that I was the little 7-year-old calling her Mammy. Being protected by her.  But here I am 30 odd years later a mum myself with my own 7-year-old calling me Mammy.

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Since becoming a mother I appreciate everything my mother did for me growing up. She still does so much although I know it’s harder for her now.

We almost lost her in July 2011. An aneurysm ruptured in her brain. A GP sent her home with some painkillers and she soldiered on not feeling great. She even minded my kids during those few days while I worked. Still not feeling well she visited the Doctor on call who sent her home with antibiotics. 48 hours later she was in an ambulance en route to Beaumont hospital with bleeding on her brain.

They operated to fix the aneurysm but during the procedure she suffered a secondary stroke. A risk of the operation but one that had to be taken. She lost all feeling on her right side and her speech.

When the doctors came to tell us we could see the bad news written on his face. I thought she was dead. Another risk of the procedure. She was being moved to Intensive Care and it was a wait and see whether or not she would pull through.

We are lucky that she did pull through. It was a rough time for us all (not least her!). I was 6 months pregnant when it happened. I thought she wouldn’t get to see her new grandchild. She did.  They adore each other.

She worked hard at her speech therapy, physiotherapy and occupational therapy and is doing really well. I know she has days she feels bad. She gets tired. But I am so very grateful to be able to celebrate another Mother’s Day with her in my life. I cannot imagine her not here.

Tomorrow, Mother’s Day 2014, I will get to visit her. I give her the honorary card and little gift. I will tell her I love her and that she is the best mother anyone could ever wish for.

As a mum myself I hopefully will be able to put my feet up and be pampered.  Even a little bit! My husband has a hurling match so I am on duty for the afternoon.  But as I enjoy this Mother’s Day I will also be thinking of those people who are feeling sad because they don’t have their mum for Mother’s Day. I will be thinking of them because I know that I was almost one of them.

One of the first full sentences my mum said when regaining her speech was “I am so happy to be alive”.

Mum, I love you and we are so happy you are alive too. xx


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