School’s out for the summer! Suggestions welcome!


School is finished for another year. I realise I’m getting old when I comment at people how fast the school year goes.

My oldest is going into her third primary school year (oddly enough in Ireland called first class!!) and my middle child has just finished his per school year and starts in primary school (junior infants) in September. He visited his new school during the week. He was quite tentative but I can only hope he will be fine.

In the meantime I have 9 weeks (well really 7 as i have 2 weeks in Tenerife booked!) to occupy them (and my 1 year old). It certainly seemed a good idea to take a career break at the time.

So far on the list is (in no particular order):

  • Beach (hope weather cooperates!)
  • Cinema
  • swimming
  • throw them out in the garden to play on swings, trampoline and in the sandpit
  • Baking
  • Jigsaws
  • Playdough
  • Playground
  • Tayto Park (just bought an annual membership)
  • Bike and scooter rides
  • Visiting grandparents
  • Playing with toys
  • Colouring and arts and crafts
  • Playdates
  • Visit to museums/gallery – all free in Dublin City centre
  • Some household jobs!

Would welcome any other suggestions…….what are you up to during summer break? Let me know via comments below! 




  1. I think I’ll be taking your suggestions rather than really offering any! Mine have become very interested in nature and bird-watching so we will be collecting a few leaves and things for a nature table and (hopefully) spotting some birds other than crows which seem to be everywhere!!!

    • Thanks Joanna! Nature walk will be added to my list – Newbridge house and park or Malahide Castle would be great for that! Maybe even throw in a picnic!

  2. […] took a career break at the end of June.  At the start of the summer I posted about what I had hoped to do with the kids – well I made some suggestions and hoped some of it might materialise among the chaos that […]


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