Ten things I love (and hate) about toddlers

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I have a toddler.  She is going to be 2 at the end of next week and as she gets bigger she gets cuter and I love her dearly.  That said we are heading into a definite terrible two place (I think maybe we have been there for a while) and we are getting the “joys” of true toddler behaviour.  As my third toddler I share some of the things I have learnt love (and hate) about toddlers.

1. I hate the biting phase – they all do it but it stinks.  And is sore.  Which I can attest to having been bitten on my bum this week.  My poor son is really being subjected to the worst of it though.  He was bitten in crèche as a toddler and now with his toddler sister she is literally taking chunks out of him.  Poor pet has been bitten about 4 times now – bad bites – with marks.  It’s awful – she just launches in with little time to stop her.

Bite Mark

Exhibit A!

2. I love how they waddle around the place with their big nappy bum following behind! My little lady runs as if she is constantly about to fall over but somehow never does! She runs like a sprinter dipping their head over the finish line – for her life is one big finish line!

3. I hate the physical battles I sometimes endure to simply strap her into the car seat. Maybe it’s just my toddlers but all three have gone through a phase of fighting being strapped into car seats (and buggies actually) and it is horrendous particularly when in a hurry like making a train or trying to get home for a school run.  I remember one particular morning when I was pregnant on my third and I could not for the life of me get my little man into the car seat. He kicked, he screamed he squirmed.  I missed my train and sat sobbing in the car on the phone to my husband (not sure what he was going to do about it from 15 miles away!).  We ended up out of the car, back in the house and everyone calming down before attempting it again and attempting to make next train.

4.  I love how they get to a stage that they can now walk and communicate.  It makes life much easier when you are not trying to second guess a cry (Are they hungry? Thirsty? Have a dirty nappy? Are they in pain?) or carry a heavy baby around on your hip all day.  Mammy, I got poo!!!  Mammy, drink….Pleeeesssee!

5. The tantrums.  God I hate the tantrums.  I know they are just toddlers.  They are just venting their frustrations and inability to control their emotions or express what they are feeling but my God give me strength.  The full on meltdowns I have notched up at this stage don’t need counting.  At this stage I have learnt to ignore them but even third child in they are unnerving.  I feel lucky none of them ever seriously hurt themselves – launching onto the floor, kicking and flapping around.  I seriously think that the breathing I learnt in antenatal classes is for dealing with them.  I am still waiting on the day to be brave enough to do like the Vicks ad and just copy back.  Any day now!!

6. I love their giggles (maybe I love it more because it means they are not having a tantrum!) but my littlest lady has the heartiest of laughs.  Can’t beat it. It makes me smile.

7. I hate Toilet training.  Any day (or month!) now I will begin toilet training my third child.  A necessary evil in the parenting world.  Can’t wait for that to be over – but I do look forward to a nappy free life for the first time in 7 years!!

8. I love when they are sleeping.  They are so cute and cuddly.  I always just want to lie beside them and rest my head with theirs.  The toddler nap is great.  A time to recharge and really appreciate your little one – before you have pulled all your hair out!  Each of our little ones loved to join us in the bed and while I’m not an official co-sleeper (there is a post coming on that) I never really mind when they pop in.  Of course when big brother and sister decide they want to pop in then I draw the line with all 5 of us in the bed!  Which did happen once in the last 12 months!  Once was enough!

9. I hate the mess.  They just seem to create mess.  From spitting food out to throwing boxes of toys on the ground.  There is constant tidy up and washing involved.

10. Finally, I love their innocence, their sense of fun, their carefree attitude and their pure unconditional love.  Ok, that is more than one thing, but there are so many more things I love than hate.  I love my baby girl and I can’t believe she is going to be a fully fledged terrible-two-badge-wearing toddler!  I love you Z xx

Happy Toddler

My happy little lady


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