Barefaced Beauty and Makeup Magic: How to look human on three hours sleep [Linky]

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My great blogger buddy Sinead from Bumbles of Rice has been building up to a great makeup linky for weeks.  She is well-known for portraying a real life look at life with kids and I really love that about her blog.  Her latest linky is no different.  She has shared what is in her makeup bag and how she manages to look human when functioning on very little sleep.

I have a mixed relationship with makeup and tend to move from one extreme to another.  Either I am made up or I’m barefaced. In more recent years my fully made up days are more limited as they tend to be for special occasions or going out, neither of which are regular occurrences any more!

Since I have been on a career break I have tended to go barefaced a lot of the time or if I’m doing well a very basic covering.

I have attended two makeup classes in Makeup Forever on Clarendon Street which were great so I know exactly what I am doing in terms of applying it so it is really just down to laziness and the fact that I love my sleep and don’t leave myself enough time for doing a face of makeup.

That said I seem to be always striving towards giving myself more time in my morning routine for me.  When I do have good days and get a bit of makeup on I tend to get asked if I am going somewhere and suddenly I feel very self-conscious, like I am sticking out like a sore thumb.  This is probably the opposite effect of those who like makeup every day and would feel like that going barefaced.  Clearly a bit perverse.

Anyway, to the point.  I do have makeup and I do use it (sometimes).  I am not good at getting new products and new looks. I still sometimes use the same colour lipstick I did when I was 18/19 years of age!

I am a big fan of the No 7 range.  It’s affordable, it’s in my local Boots and they have everything in their range that I need.

Frankly those makeup counters in large department stores scare the bejaysus out of me.

So, here is what I use (when the occasion arises!):


When I went for my makeup lesson, in Makeup Forever, I was taught that I should use a primer before applying foundation.  I immediately bought one in their shop. It was great and lasted ages but once it ran out I never got into them to get another and haven’t gone about looking at any others.  Must put that on my mammoth to do list.

So usually I go straight for the foundation.  I am totally anal about putting foundation on well moistured skin.  So if I am about to put make up on and my skin feels a bit dry the first thing I do is moisturise.  Leave it for a few minutes to soak in and then apply No 7 Instant Radiance Foundation.  The sub-title on the foundation say “Radiant boost for tired, stressed skin”.  Well I think that is a perfect product for me!

I set the foundation with No 7 translucent powder and if I am going for the full application I use No 7 Soft Damson Blush.


I have very dark brown eyes and I tend to accentuate them as much as possible.  I usually use a trio of eyeshadow from the No 7 Stay Perfect range but my most recent purchase of colour (Classic Matt) wasn’t quite right for me.  I use it sometimes (particularly the base colour) but I did also go and get a single brown eyeshadow from the same range (Matt Mocha).

For a night out look I will use Eye liner.  I have an ancient No 7 Amazing Eyes Pencil in, you guessed it, brown and I also got a free product of No 7 Stay Precise Felt Tip Eyeliner.  I’m still trying to get the hang of that!

The only non No 7 product I am currently using is my mascara.  I have a Rimmel one.  I did have one called Scandalous eyes.  It was fine.  It did the job but I found it very hard to remove and even if I thought I had it all I’d wake up the next morning with panda eyes.  Maybe I wasn’t using a strong enough makeup remover but it turned me off it.  I am now using their Volume Flash X10 in Black.  So far it is fine too but again it is difficult to remove.  Next time I am in Boots I will have a look at some No 7 options!

If I am not going fully made up I will just pop on mascara to open up my eyes.


I was taught in my Makeup Class that if you go big on your eyes, then go subtle on your lips and vice versa.  Just make one or the other stand out.  Because I try to go big on my eyes I just use quite a neutral lipstick.  I am currently using No 7 Stay Perfect Lipstick in Chinchilla.  I love it but it is almost ready for the bin so I need to buy a new one.  I was previously using Highland Mist from No 7 Moisture Drench range.

The top one is Chinchilla and the lower one is Highland Mist.

I did have a great lip pencil but it just recently finished (after years) so I do need to buy a new one.

If I am not going for a full face look I will just pop Vaseline on my lips to give them a shine.

There you have it.  How I try to look human (although clearly I go around looking like a zombie most days!).  Do go and check out all of the great posts in Sinead’s linky by clicking on the badge below, there are some great posts with great information and tips. I have concluded two things from taking part in this linky:

1. I need to review all my makeup; clearing out old unused stuff and introducing some new makeup into my (small) collection.

2. I need to use it more often. I mean I am not getting any younger and those lines need to be covered somehow!



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