Let the countdown begin!

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Having been signed off work for a few days due to a bad dose of tonsillitis I was back in the office on Friday playing catch up. Being sick is such an inconvenience – I now have the guts of 4 days work to get up to speed on.

Thankfully the end is in sight. In six weeks time I will be on annual leave for two weeks after which I will not be returning to work for at least a year.


21-06-10 Cause I'd Rather Pretend I'll Still Be There At The End ~ Explored #1
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The first month of my career break my two oldest will be off so I will mind them full time and my baby will be reducing her hours from 5 mornings to 3 mornings in the creche just to keep her place and keep her socialised within the centre as that is where she will do her pre-school year (and will need to be in 1 year when my career break ends).

I now need to get inspired about lots of activities to keep them busy for that month.  All suggestions welcome!

I am really hoping for a glorious Irish summer but experience tells me not to hold my breath!

August will see our annual family holiday – I am sure by then we will all be in need of a foreign get away and this year we have picked Tenerife in the Canary Islands for our escape.

So with less than 6 weeks to go I have a bit of planning and preparation to do!

Let the countdown begin!

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