Packing up for Easter break

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It’s Easter weekend. We decided to get away for a few days which is always lovely family time.

We have in the past year taken a couple of short breaks in Ireland. We don’t really have any magic formula for picking a location or even a preferred area although we tend to try and keep the journey to 1.5-2hours to save our sanity too!

I was off Thursday and so decided to tackle the packing. Packing for a family of 5, even for a short break, has become a total operation that requires military precision. Mapping out clothes for 5 people for whatever number of days. Anticipating any other activities – do we need swim clothes, sports clothes or even spare clothes in case of any spills, accidents or the like. Before I know it I usually have half the contents of our wardrobes ready to be packed.

Then comes the difficult bit. Cosmetics, toys and accessories which usually outnumber the clothes pile!

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For our current excursion we ended up with one huge case, one small case, my daughters mini suit case, the changing bag which comes everywhere anyway, my hand bag, my cosmetics bag and a plastic bag full of Easter chocolate! Off course we had to fit the buggy in the car too! So the kids were instructed to carry whatever soft toys they wanted to bring.

So having managed to pack the car we hit the road into Good Friday traffic and reach our destination – Fitzgerald’s Woodlands Hotel at Adare in Co Limerick.

After a slightly shaky checkin we settled into our family room, grabbed dinner and chilled out. We are ready to tackle the rest of Easter Break. Will let you know how we get on.

Happy Easter everyone!

Easters Coming
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