My birth stories – Number 3 – the attempted VBA2C

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I’ve read a lot of birth stories. Most recently on the new Irish website designed to promote positive birth in Ireland. It got me thinking of my own births. All so different, yet almost identical! Not least all by c-section.

I have shared my first birth story and my second – this is the final chapter for baby 3……

Final pregnancy that I have had I wanted a VBA2C.  In fact before I even got pregnant I had research vba2c!  I spoke to my consultant and he was happy to consider it.

I had a normal pregnancy but as my due date came and went baby showed no signs of appearing.  At an antenatal appointment after my due date things did not look like they were going in the right direction for me or my obs to be comfortable.  She was not engaged, cervix was long, closed and posterior and my placenta was grade 3.

My consultant recommended a section the next day although offered me the chance to wait it out a week – albeit not his preferred choice.  It was one of the toughest decisions of my life.  A head versus heart choice.  In my head I knew that getting her out safely and having her in my arms would be a sensible thing to do but in my heart I wanted to go for it until the end – even if that meant an emergency section when in labour.  My obs put me on his list for the next day but told me to go and have a coffee and think it over and call him later on to let him know whether or not he would see me the next day!  He did.  My third child, another daughter arrived into the world.  Given my few hours notice of my section I made sure that this one I would try and enjoy.  I got immediate skin to skin contact and spent 45 mins in recovery breast feeding her.  Despite it not being my preference I quite enjoyed that section!  I will of course always look back again and wonder should I have waited but I made my decisions at the time of what I thought was best first and foremost for baby – not for me.

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