Face Painting time!

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Face painting is a familiar feature at kids parties, fun fairs and the like. In our house it is also a great fun activity for all the kids to enjoy.

They love to be transformed into something else! A scary tiger ( well more a cuddly tiger!), a puppy dog, a butterfly, an under the world scene – the list goes on.

What makes this an easy fun activity is the purchase of some basic face paints. I love the Snazaroo range. Easy to apply, easy to wash off and the boxes we bought came with a great little guide to help us come up with some much needed inspiration!

My two oldest chose to be a dog and a tiger. Mammy got the guide out and off we went.

Tiger from the Face Painting Guide

Tiger from the Snazaroo Face Painting Guide


My little tiger (totally cuddly)

My little tiger (totally cuddly)


Dog from Face Painting Guide

Dog from the Snazaroo Face Painting Guide


My puppy dog

My puppy dog

I think the results are not too bad for an amateur although we did get some funny looks in the shops and on our walk on the beach! But dogs love a good run on the beach! 😉

Note: the face paints were bought by me and I have no affiliation 
with Snazaroo - I just like their paints.  Happy to hear of other good brands 
to try out! 


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