Lessons in Motherhood: Ten random things I have learnt as a mother [Linky]

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I have learnt a lot as a mother – practical things like how to change a nappy, feed a baby, fold and unfold the most complex buggies, how to cope with tantrums, the list goes on and on but I am constantly learning (that is why I am Learner Mama).

I have decided to share ten random things (many of which surprised me and certainly weren’t to be found in any baby book that I read) I have learnt as a mother (to date).

Lessons in Motherhood


  1. Baby boys have erections – who knew! This was a surprise to me – I thought they were something that developed when they were older. No one prepared me for the day I opened the nappy and discovered that one!
  2. I have learnt to be comfortable having another persons bodily functions landing on me (but let’s just say I’m going to try to restrict it to my three kids and only for a temporary period!)
  3. Sleep deprivation is painful – I now understand why it is used as a form of torture.
  4. I can sleep on a 2 inch width of bed space (ok, maybe a slight exaggeration but 6 inches tops!) usually with a child (practically) on my head.
  5. Soothers are magic – there is no other explanation.
  6. If you need to get up early your kids will sleep in and if you want a sleep in your kids will bounce into you at 5am – go figure.
  7. Putting new clothes on a child is code for “Please spill juice/sauce or other stain inducing food type on this top”
  8. They grow fast. They are tiny for such a short time enjoy it (as much as the sleep deprivation allows) because before you know it you are packing them off to school.
  9. There is a direct correlation between the number of kids and the cleanliness of my house…let’s just say they are messy little beings!
  10. I never thought I could love another human so strongly (sorry husband) but I have managed to do it times three. It surprises me each day how much I love these three tiny humans and how that love grows every minute of every day.

These are just ten of the random things that I have learnt since becoming a mother. I am sure there are many many many more. I am also sure there will be more to come. No doubt every mother in the world is the same. There are plenty of things that other mums have learnt too. I would love if you would share them via my simple linky. It is really simple:

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