Summer Hama beads

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Since our lovely au pair introduced us to Hama beads on her arrival in Ireland in September 2012 we became big fans. She left us a year ago but we continue to get the beads out and find it a great rainy day activity.

We have done Christmas, St Patrick’s and Easter themed beads. There is no real theme for summer – well I guess we could do a sun and buckets and spades but we chose favourite characters.

My oldest girl is a big fan of Frozen (what 7-year-old girl isn’t!) and my little man is Mario mad.

I would love to say I am truly creative and can magic up a design but this is where Google helps out. A quick search of ‘Frozen Hama bead designs’ and we picked a lovely little trio design found on Pinterest.

For my boy our ‘Mario Hama beads’ search resulted in a cute design of Mario and Luigi holding hands.

They set straight to work. They are old enough to copy the designs and hours of activity later I was pretty impressed. I did help my little man with his. It was large and his attention span is small.


Once they were complete I ironed the beads and decided it would be nice to display them on the art wall in the playroom.


I have some lovely IKEA frames that are ideal for putting kids art work in. Once ironed and cooled down I glued the bead designs onto green card and popped into the frame.


I hope you agree they are very cute!!


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