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I’m not sure about you, but for me 2015 just whizzed by.  I’m still in that place in a new year when you are getting used to writing the new year rather than the old one.  How did it go by so fast?  So many wonderful things happened in the first two-thirds of 2015.  The latter portion was a little less kind to me but you gotta take the rough with the smooth.

It is always nice to reflect on a year gone by and, like last year, I am hooking up with one of the most lovely, creative and talented bloggers and a fabulous friend, Sadhbh from the beautiful Wherewishescomefrom.com to take part in her linky.

Last year I gave you 14 highs and lows from 2014 and yes, this year it’s 15 highs and lows from my year of blogging in 2015.


15 from 15


1. My Most Popular Post:

Unsurprisingly my Guide to C-sections topped my most popular post list again this year.  It’s from way back in 2013 but clearly is an evergreen topic.  May have had a small part to play in setting up my new blog / website earlier this year.  More on that below.

2. My Favourite Post:

The latter part of 2015 saw the blog a little quiet in terms of posts but I did generate a few posts earlier in the year and one of my own personal favourites was about what you should expect if you were to come to my house.

3. My Favourite Photo:

This year we added to our family, via adopting two rescue kittens.  They are brothers and have settled into our house so well.  They drive me nuts at times but they are adorable and the kids love them.  They love to curl up together and I love this little photo of them wrapped up in each others…paws!



4. My favourite Learner Mama Facebook page photo

I just love this photo of my youngest.  It was published on the Learner Mama Facebook page but never made it into a blog post.  Such happiness.  Quite proud of my face painting handy work too!

Zoe ladybird

5. Most Common Theme

There were no themes this year.  For me there are no themes in parenting so that is reflected across the years blog posts.

6. My Favourite Comment

There are no favourites.  I love every single comment.  Period.

7. Best Blog Moment

My best blog moment actually doesn’t involve this blog, but my new baby that I launched earlier this year, csectionmums.com.  I kicked off with all guns blazing and was thrilled to make it to the Irish Blog Awards finals but a challenging end to the year curtailed doing what I wanted with the site.  I fully intend for that to change in 2016.  I will be hitting the ground running.

For Learner Mama 2015 kicked off really well with a feature in RSVP and being included in a Buzzfeed piece.  They were real highlights and I’d love if 2016 kicked off the same way.  Here’s hoping.

8. Worst Blog Moment

There were no particularly bad moments but I have been really frustrated in the final quarter of the year not getting to blog as much as I’d like to have.  I got involved in a work project which ate up any spare time and a busy personal life just took over.  Hopefully 2016 will see me get back on track with all things blogging related.

9. Best non blog moment of 2015

The first 8 months of the year were great.  I would go as far as to say I had never been happier.  There were so many great moments.  One of the biggest highlights was my oldest daughter having an amazing First Holy Communion Day.  We also had a great summer with lots of adventures, too many to mention.

10. Worst non blog moment of 2015

While as I mentioned above the first part of the year was great, the last quarter of the year was not great.  Having taken on a (non blogging) project things just got busy and more stressful in life, my darling mum was diagnosed with a serious illness and my husbands grandmother died.  It all combined to make life a bit more difficult.

That said we are coming out the other side; my project won’t last forever, my Mum is being a trooper through treatment so we remain positive and we celebrated the life of a grandmother to my husband and great-grandmother to my kids; at 93 years of age she lived a long and full life and left a great legacy and many happy memories for those who knew and loved her.  RIP Nana S x

11. Favourite Celebration

I have to say my daughter’s First Holy Communion.  Funnily enough I didn’t blog about it.  Looking back I was probably just so busy!  It was an amazing day in all senses of the word.

Emily Communion

12. Favourite Craft

2015 wasn’t very crafty on the blog but given its Sadhbh’s linky I will have to say I loved making my (non) creepy crayons inspired by Sadhbh’s own creepy crayons.  The lady is a craft genius.

13. Favourite freebie

I was a bit more picky this year about what products I agreed to review.  One of my favourites was my new Trolley bags.  They get such regular use and are genuinely just a great product.


14. What My Blog Did For Me in 2015

My blog keeps me sane.  I never really realised how much until I struggled to blog over the last few weeks.  Hopefully 2016 will see a reinstatement of some sanity.

15.  Which post missed the mark in 2015

Sometimes you write a post and it feels as though very few people read it.  The sad fact is that you know very few people read it by looking at the post stats.  In 2015 a post I was proud of writing was about how the internet has impacted on parenting……radio silence.  Maybe my first blogging goal of 2016 will be to promote it a bit more.

So that’s it.  My 15 from 15.  The end to a super fast year with highs and lows.  A new one beckons and hopefully there will be plenty of highs but also plenty of blogging.

Do make sure to check out all the other reflections on 2015 in Sadhbh’s linky.

Wishing you all the very best in 2016.

Lucy xx


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