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For the past number of years I have joined in one of my favourite bloggers linkys (that would be Sadhbh from Wherewishescomefrom.com) and her annual blogging year in review.

I had contemplated not doing it.  I had my worst blogging year to date only managing a mere 21 posts in the whole of 2016.  I wondered what the point was in reflecting on such a bad year? Well, I have already reviewed my own personal to-do list and so I have concluded that the fact it wasn’t the best year makes it the perfect reason to reflect and hopefully takes some lessons away and it will make me feel as though my 2016 reflection will be complete and I will be ready to head into 2017.

So, without further ado, here are my 16 from ’16:

1. My Most Popular Post:

I feel like a broken record but my Guide to C-sections has again come up on top as most popular post of the year.

If I look at my mere 21 posts of 2016 then my Tips for a day out at Tayto Park was the most viewed. I have a follow-up /complementary post coming this year so hang tight for that.

2. My Favourite Post:

This really is a best from a bad bunch situation but from the 21 posts my own personal favourite was my post about the one-on-one time I got to spend with my oldest daughter. Not because it is in any way inspirational or fantastic writing, but because it brings back such a happy memory from a year that was otherwise tough.  In 2017 I have another such date to look forward to as the request for her birthday this year was tickets to see her new idol Shawn Mendes.
3. My Favourite Photo:

When I put a photo on the blog I use a mix of stock photos and real life photos.  In terms of my favourite real life one it has to be the one of me and my Mum that I used in my post about her death.  It was taken by my oldest daughter Emily six months to the day before she died.  While I clearly need my roots done and my double chin photo shopped out it is one I will cherish and my fabulous husband went and got it hand sketched for my 40th birthday.

4. My favourite Learner Mama Facebook page photo

I started using Instagram more since the summer of 2016.  I had an account for years but hadn’t used it but now that I am there are a few more photos on the Learner Mama Facebook page timeline (come over and give it a like if you don’t already).

A photo I love, and one that was also popular on the page is this one of me and my sister’s Sindy house from the 1980’s.

5. Most common theme

The Learner Mama theme is parenting.  Always has and always will be.  Though I think for 2016 the mood was a little somber on the blog (posts about life being a roller coaster, the death of my Mum, the quietness on the blog etc.) but I hope that 2017 can be more business as normal.
6. My Favourite Comment

I don’t have any one particular favourite comment but the ones I really appreciated were the ones on the post about my Mum’s death.  Very much appreciated.

7. Best Blog Moment

Did I have one in 2016?  That’s the big question.

8. Worst Blog Moment

I can’t pin point one particular moment on the blog as being the worst but my blogging mojo was definitely missing, understandably.  It is terrible to admit that I did not even want to write a post so I didn’t force myself.  I didn’t feel I needed to.  The blog will always be here and hopefully 2017 will be better.

9. Best non blog moment of 2016

The first part of the year was marginally better than the latter half.  Our first family ski holiday in March 2016 was a real non blogging highlight of the year.  I had a post almost ready to go but of course Mum took a turn for the worst and then she died and then blogging about ski holidays in the summer is probably a bit odd but I will of course tell you all about our ski adventures….maybe after our 2017 holiday!

10. Worst non blog moment of 2016

No contest.  My Mum’s death.  Truly awful.  RIP Mum.

11. Favourite Celebration

I turned 40 in October and while I definitely dampened down massive celebrations given the year I had I had an absolutely fabulous time and managed to blog about it too.

12. Favourite Craft

Did I craft in 2016?  Not sure I did.  If I did there wasn’t anything worthy there!

13. Favourite freebie

My acceptance of freebies was at an all time low in 2016 but what I did get to do, which was amazing, and massive thanks goes to Sinead from Bumbles of Rice (make sure to check her out, she’s fantastic) was a trip to Lusty Beg Island Resort to review the place.  It was amazing and came just at the right time for me after losing my Mum.  If you have never been there check out the post and more importantly check out the resort.  A little gem on our island of Ireland.

14. Which post missed the mark in 2016

All of them 🙂

15. What My Blog Did For Me in 2016

It wasn’t the blog itself that did a lot but the friends I have made through the blog that did so much for me.   They know who they are.  They have been wonderfully supportive, helping me through a tough year and I am eternally grateful and know that even if my blog was deleted tomorrow they would be my friends for life.

16. What I learned in 2016

2016 was a huge personal journey for me.  I learned very harshly that life is short.  It can be taken away at any moment so live life to the full and as far as possible do what you love everyday.  I learned that I am strong.  I can cope with anything life throws at me and with the love and support of those around me make it through the rough times.  I am truly grateful for all the support those who follow this blog have given me and I look forward to a bright future. When it comes to having a travel blog, one can consult ask Melbourne to get to know more about the place so your blog can be filled with fun experiences.

So that’s it.  My blogging year in review.  Make sure to check out all the other posts in Sadhbh’s linky by clicking on the image below.

Goodbye 2016 you were not kind but I am ready for a brighter and better year both personally and on the blog.  2017 let’s be having ya’!

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