The greatest Christmas present I ever received

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Growing up as a child was magical.  I enjoyed all the Christmas traditions; presents from Santa, Turkey and Ham with family, lot of chocolate and treats, watching Christmas TV and staying up late.

I got fantastic presents over the years but my greatest present of all time was 7 years ago.  You see, this time 7 years ago I was pregnant.  Due on Christmas day and anxiously waiting on my first little baby’s arrival.  Everyone told me “You’ll go over!”  “Don’t expect a Christmas baby”.  I imagined myself beached on the couch, feet up, unable to move very far stuffing myself with all the Christmas trimmings – everyone jumping at every twinge.

How wrong could I have been!  With three days to go and while attending a standard antenatal appointment it was decided that my little lady need to be out – and out there and then.  If you haven’t read that story you can catch it here.

Because she was born by C-section I had a 5 day hospital stay – Christmas eve, Christmas Day and St Stephen’s Day were all to be from my hospital bed but clutching the greatest gift I have ever gotten at Christmas time – a beautiful baby girl.

My Christmas present 2006

My Christmas present 2006

I cannot believe that almost 7 years have passed and I have just come back from seeing her school Carol Service as she waits excitedly for her birthday to arrive.  I will never forget the day she arrived.  She changed my world forever but only for the good.  She brings joy and laughter and so much fun (with a little touch of driving me mad at times!).  I love her dearly and will never forget the Christmas that Santa came early with a very special delivery.

Ready to see the big man!

Seven years on……



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