It must be nearly Christmas because…..

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It happens every year.  Christmas just creeps right up!  And we now know it’s nearly Christmas because….

1. The Late Late toy show has aired so therefore all bets are off about putting up Christmas decorations

2. The first (of many) showing of The Polar Express has hit TV screens

3. Having drinks on a Tuesday is okay (because, sure it’s Christmas!)


4. You are counting how many shopping days are left to Christmas (and realising there are not enough)

5. You start swearing you will start your Christmas shopping earlier next year

6. Every conversation begins with an inquiry about how you are fixed for Christmas

7. You can’t move for people in EVERY SINGLE SHOP (you swear again about starting Christmas shopping earlier)


8. There are finals for every reality show that has been on in the preceding months…who won I’m a  Celeb? Who is in the final of Strictly? Is X-factor still even on TV?

9. Family arguments start heating up.

10. You may actually lose it if you hear Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas once more.

11. Your social diary is bursting to the seams. While your bank balance whittles away.

12. You open your first box of Roses or Quality Street. Yes, they are getting smaller every year.  And yes, it is a travesty of epic proportions that the Toffee deluxe has been removed from Quality Street.

13. Supermarkets begin to appear as though some apocalyptic event is nearing (when the reality is that they are just closing for one day)

14. Home food and drink stocks must be at maximum levels.

15. Moods lift

16. Work motivation falls.

17. There is a tangible feeling of goodwill, temporarily anyway!

But isn’t it the most magical time of year? Usually yes it is.  This year however it is tinged with a little sadness as we face our first Christmas without Mum.  As I’m sure many others are without their loved ones.

We are determined to ensure we make Christmas memorable for the kids and I wish you all my lovely readers a great Christmas too!


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