The Letter to Santa

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So who can believe that Christmas is only a matter of weeks away – days away even!  Every year I swear I will be organised and now that I am on a career break and get a few hours each week to myself I have no excuses this year.

It doesn’t help that we decided to do an extension on our house and it is all over the place.  With any luck the work will be all done by Christmas but like most projects it just unearths other things to do.  Most we had anticipated.  The floors will need to be sanded, the downstairs painted and the whole place deep cleaned so it’s fingers crossed that we get that all done.

Add into the mix my daughter’s 7th birthday on the 22nd December and my husband doing a lot of work travel between now and Christmas and we have a busy few weeks ahead  or sorry I have a busy few weeks ahead!!

One thing I like to get done early (but always after Halloween) is the Santa letter.  It is very useful to get that done early so that Santa can be organised.  Yesterday was the day for posting.  The letters had been written and we set off to post them.

Santa Letter

The Letter to Santa

The kids got so excited.  Of course they are imagining their little white envelope winging its way to the North Pole and into Santa’s hands – it’s just magical!  We popped a stamp on our letters, addressed to Santa Claus, North Pole.

Straight into the post box and let the countdown begin!  I love that An Post in Ireland make sure that Santa gets a reply to each child that posts a letter – provided there is a stamp on the letter and details of their name and address are on the correspondence.

Posting Santa Letter

Popping the Santa Letter in the Post

If you want to join the fun check out their Santa Letter page.



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